Why Hungarian Vizsla?

Why Magyar Vizsla?

Why would you even get a dog? You would find a thousands of answers on Google. Why to buy Magyar Vizsla? You could also find so many answers on internet. If you are a hunter we are sure, that you know the advantages of this breed very well and it is quite useless at this point anything  to add. Therefore, we would like to share with you just our personal observations and experiences with this breed.

Who they are?

This breed is very cheerful, friendly and welcoming. Our girl loves company almost from anyone and also has no problem with supervision by our friends and families for a longer time. Aika and Anika love us boundlessly and simply is "welcoming dog". You can go out even for 5 minutes and the dogs will welcome you as they would not see you for a month. They jump from joy and you can really feel the pure doggy love. Vizslas are extremely docile, smart and intelligent dogs. What's more, training and learning new commands is for them a real fun and each properly executed command or task are overjoyed. They fulfill commands during training not for the sweet rewards, but they do them for joy and praise from their master.


It is an adjective that describes the Vizsla perfectallyt. These are fine, great looking, statuesque, royal dogs. They are simply gorgeous, have a slim figure and in the interior often look more like an accessory for your apartment than as real dogs. They have a dazzling cinnamon color and a real zest for life. Their poses are often dubbed as a cat. They walk very quietly, almost unnoticed and not their nails, you would not recognize that they entered the room. It is therefore not surprising that are called as aristocrats canine world.

They love to work!

Aika and Anika really enjoy to do work for us and it does not really matter what the work is. Hungarian breed was meant for hunting, but they also have an excellent prerequisite for other disciplines such as agility etc. When none of this is close to you, is it just enough to "engage" this breed by physical and mental site in some other way. For example, when we get off the car and we carry bags, Aika opens her mouth and jumps with such a joy to be able to help us. Then she proudly carries the bag and makes it very clear what a joy and importance is for her. Often she gets reaping admiring glances when she enters a restaurant with a blanket in her mouth. Then you can really see how proud is her, when people are looking at her and talking about her.

Family, kids

When you are not with this breed out for a walk or some sport, they love to be with their people. They will suffer living outside the house alone. They literally lie at your feet and love you more anyone else. They are very affectionate, cheerful and resilient dogs. They are neither timid nor aggressive and have a very balanced character. Therefore, they are really excellent dog for the family. They love children and in their own doggy way take care about them. They will very patiently cuddle with kids and be excellent friends for them. They will immediately bring joy and happiness to the family. Because of its quiet nature they are suitable for canine therapy dogs.


There are plenty of options how and with what to feed the dogs. For example there are granules, canned food or BARF. After weighing all the pros and cons, and also because we enjoy cooking, Aika and Anika eats in BARF way (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and they eat once in the evening. Probably it would not be a surprise for you that Aika and Anika eat better than we do, and certainly healthier! Treats for her are carrots, peppers, kohlrabi, celery, apple and other fruit and vegetables. When they want to sin, she eats oranges, pommels. Red beets in any form are a delicacy for her and eventually for us too! With options dog nutrition and delicious recipes that we learned (sometimes we evem cook for us), we are happy to advise you.

Is it a reall dog?

Vizslas are very clean and easy to maintain dogs. Their hair does not need special care if they do not change it twice a year. Personally I did not like dogs because you always smell them before you can see them. But they are different, they don’t have the “doggy smell”. They even say about them, that they are self-cleaning dogs and often even lick themselves as cats.


In our household we do not clean it up much more because of the dog. We provide just regular cleaning, that we are used to do. Only the place where Aika and Anika dinner, it needs a little extra care, because they drop occasionally from their mouth something. But who does not do that? 🙂 Also, from time they change the coat, and it requires either frequently combing the dog or to vacuum more! But ladies hand on heart, our hair are everywhere too ...

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